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●C2M is ready to provide a wide range of services that help your company assure reliability.

Network Monitoring Services

  • 24 × 365
  • We monitor the health of your network both to identify potential problems and, if there is a failure, to restore your network to operational status as fast as possible.

Call Answering Services: Reception/Agent Services

  • 24 × 365
  • Your outsourced call center destinations -- such as customer care centers, contact centers, service bureaus, and reception -- can be routed via us to specialists in teleservices.

Onsite/Offsite Scheduled Services

  • Monthly/weekly/daily report services
  • Periodic inspections, annual UPS tests, backups, office relocation and more

Outsourcing Services

  • We can introduce engineers qualified to meet your specific requirements.

Help Desk Services

  • 24 x 365
  • Our experienced engineers will get you the quickest and best responses to any technical issues or questions that may arise.
    (24-hour call center services can be provided as well)

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